Custom Valentine’s Day Poems

Hello! I'm open for commission ♥️ As the holidays are inching closer, I thought I'd take some of the pressure off by writing some poems ✍ for your S.O. aka boo-things (or maybe even secret crush 😍 😏) Pre-order from now until January 15th to get your custom poems for only $6. #love #lovequotes #lovepoems … Continue reading Custom Valentine’s Day Poems

I’m having a book signing!

Hello, Everyone! I am having my first ever book signing for my debut poetry book "Whilst Gazing Through a Window"! There will be a reading and Q&A to follow. If you live in or around the Mobile, AL area I would love to see you there on September 12th! More information is provided by following … Continue reading I’m having a book signing!

Honey ink

I don't write for you anymore I don't write for anyone anymore I write for me. I write to breathe You see poems written in honey for ink, but for me I see blood sweat and tears This is how I live.

a Friday evening in spring

gentle soft sun settles on my shoulders I sip a cold lavender and mint and flip to the next page of the dusty paperback novel that’s sat on my bedside table forgotten pink and white blooms have appeared on my neighbor’s tree across the way finally free from winter’s cold clasp