When the cafe I worked for as a barista closed due to the pandemic, I started #writing. I wrote a lot. I journaled and I jotted down poetry and I reflected on the world around me. Then, I did something kind of odd for me. I formed and fashioned a collection of those pieces into a little book, just for me. I used what little money I had and I paid an illustrator and what came to be was a small 100-page poetry book written for the sake of surviving. Then, I decided that I was probably not the only #artist feeling overwhelmed during this time. I closed my eyes, hit the submit button, and #published it. I tossed it out into the world in hopes that it would bring a little bit of light into the home of another. That small book is now available and on sale on #Amazon worldwide! I am just a #strugglingcreative, aching to find purpose. I am also in need of funds. So, without further ado, I present to you Whilst Gazing Through a Window.

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