Yesterday, I did a bit of nothing. I didn’t feel lazy, and I didn’t even fall asleep. Instead, I just took time.

I work at a coffee shop, so my mornings are pretty early and I can be home before the afternoon when I work morning shift, which means I have the rest of the day to do whatever. In the past I have gotten bored and found myself napping too long and feeling gross. Yesterday, I tried something different. I enjoyed the day for what it was. I learned that this is referred to in Italy as Dulce Far Niente which means sweet idleness. I have always been a Carpe Diem (“Seize the day” in Latin) type of person, never failing to stop and smell the roses or talk to any stray cat. However, being alone for too long tends to make me restless or even bring me to feel lonely.

Instead, yesterday I tried something different. I sat in the sunshine and I listened to the birds and I watched the squirrels chase one another around the trees. I made myself coffee and brunch. I did yoga and played my favorite records and I even danced. I washed my dishes and watered my plants and then I took a shower. I enjoyed myself. I kept myself company and was my own entertainment. Well, with the addition of my cats. I played my cats some songs on the ukulele and watched them relax and fall asleep to the music. I even painted. I painted? This was such an odd thing for me. I am always very nervous around myself and paint. It went pretty well if you don’t count the time I broke an eraser and cursed at my cats for trying to eat it. It was mostly a peaceful situation. I then walked back outdoors and felt the cool wind on my skin as a storm came near.

When it got late, I baked some of my favorite veggies and made a large salad. After dinner, I had two cups of tea and watched some TV. Not once did I feel gross or depressed or anxious. I did it. I did the rest of my day without getting antsy and restless. I don’t handle not being busy well. I am learning the art of simply doing nothing while feeling productive instead of feeling like I am waisting time. Once, I will admit I almost caved in and took a nap. Naps don’t do anything for me unless it’s been a long day. I always end up feeling really sad to have missed most of the day. I enjoy taking witness to the sky changing colors. I enjoy feeling the sun go down and the night air in my hair. I enjoy dancing to a record and I enjoy singing to my cats.

I enjoy the art of doing nothing.