So as some of you know, I recently made the spontaneous decision to go back to the basics — a basic push button, flip phone. It has been interesting.

I have used my phone for just two days, and I cannot stop grabbing it randomly. I am so used to reaching for my phone for no reason all day. I know that there is nothing to see, but the urges are there.

Oh, right, I also had to get a completely different phone because the one I bought offline was too old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oops. So, that did suck but it’s not like the other phone was expensive. I am sticking to the plan. I can add photos of the new phone later if you want to see — it’s very large and obvious. It was beyond stressful to try and activate to original phone (for obvious reasons) and that made me want to give up, but now that I have a new cell that actually works, I am in it for the long run.

After I purchased a new phone when I went to Verizon to have the original activated, I realized that this is it… like, I no longer have quick access to the apps that made every day life so much easier such as my bank app and apps to send money and apps to take and edit okay photos and apps to quickly reach my online friends, or even apps for work. It’s an app-less life from here on out.

Here we go, folks.


Today, I tried to use my finger to pull down the screen before I remember it is not by any means a touch screen phone. I also turned it on to clock in to work before it hit me that I officially do not have that easy option any more. I have to use my laptop for a lot but I do like it. I also do not have Wi-Fi in my apartment so when I am home, I am officially offline. I can type and I can make calls or texts but that is where the communication ends. Then I remember, that was life for me growing up.

We didn’t have computers or internet for the most part and I didn’t have a smart phone until I was in high school, so I should be able to get the hang of things.. I think. We will see, won’t we? I am now a little nervous but mostly very excited. Such a simple change all of a sudden feels so big.


Do you have any questions about the transition? Please, feel free to ask!


Do any of you guys also use a flip phone? What is your reason for ditching the smartphones and how is it for you? I could use some advice and encouragement.

I have to say, not having creepy adds popping up left and right is by far the best part. I don’t feel as survielled which is a huge plus, because back with my old phone it was constant adds for things I was speaking about and I didn’t care for it. This is one reason why I decided to go back to the basics.


I am looking forward to a full week with this cellphone, so stay following for my updated posts.


Much love and thanks, Jessi

25 thoughts on “current cons of using a flip phone

  1. I switched to the Brave browser at some point over the summer. In the first month, 100k plus ads blocked, 2000 or so trackers blocked and surprise surprise I painted again for the first time in a long time, like sheesh maybe it was fifty of them. Just one after another. A lot, anyways, the creativity just poured. It was beautiful. It is still beautiful. Best wishes.
    Peace ❤

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    1. I am very excited to see how it goes, I am hoping to spend more time with people, get better sleep, and hopefully produce better content here. social media can be so stressful! I will surely be updating. thanks for reading 🙂


  2. I think this is great and kudos to you for doing it in this day of technology comfort. I’ve been cutting back with time spent on my phone to steer away from being a technology slave its GREAT!! I love technology but at the same time its our biggest enemy.


    1. that is very cool! I would read that for sure. haha

      it has actually helped me get back to writing, and
      I am loving the time away from all the distraction.

      Thank you for reading, and i’ll be going to check out your content soon — J

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      1. That’s amazing! I mean maybe not taking super high quality photos constantly may help my quality of life because I wouldn’t be so worried about constantly having to capture moments and I could just live in them!


  3. How do you honestly deal with tje urge to get in touch with your friend through various applications and all? I mean, just imagining about doing that honestpy freaks me out, its like i am gonna lose touch with the whole world.

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    1. Thank you for reading! I can log on at times via laptop and wifi but I also let everyone know ahead of time what I was doing so they can keep up with my posts and also if they are close they can always call or text. I honestly haven’t been too into social media in general, so it is easier for me than others. I will posting another update very soon in more detail if you are interested. Thanks again — J

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      1. I can shamelessly tell you that I am in a toxic relationship with social media. Need to get out of it 🤔. Once you write your next article I should share it with my friends top and do a ‘dare’ maybe


  4. Love this so much! I was just recently thinking about what it’d be like to use a flip phone again. It seems so much more simpler then, as touch phones can sometimes be quite distracting! Love your posts xx

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  5. I will be making the switch next week! We are.moving, and I discovered that my current smartphone did not get service at our new address. I was going to have to switch providers anyway and now this is a good chance for a clean break with my phone! I am shocked when I look at the statistics of time spent on it. For me, it averages 3-5hrs and that’s pathetic! Time for a change. I’m inspired to see others feeling the same way and that it’s not as scary as it seems!

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