BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER ”WINGS” RECIPE If you know me, you have heard about the famous buffalo cauliflower, and you know that I eat this dish once a week if not more. You also have probably asked me how I make it. Well your wish has been granted! This recipe is as simple as they come. It … Continue reading BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER ”WINGS” RECIPE

my political plea

none of this is ok. i am so tired of people turning their heads to what is happening and affecting real people to this level of hatred. do you not see what is wrong about how these humans are being treated? you're taking their rights away and you're laughing it off with closed eyes so … Continue reading my political plea


EYES What you can see in a set of eyes May catch you by a solemn surprise Love, Loss, Lies Lust and Envy you can try to hide But with facials full of disconcerting disguise Nothing is free from the candor in his eyes In the form of glimmer and shine When they rose to … Continue reading eyes